Rotary clubs in D5330 nominate and support applicants who apply as District Rotary Ambassadorial Scholars, Global Grant Scholars and Rotary Peace Fellows.

D5330 provides funding for  Global Grant Scholarships  funded through The Rotary Foundation (TRF).

A local Rotary club must sponsor applications for each Scholarship.

    • Each year, D5330 funds a Global Scholarship in the amount of $30,000 for the study in post-baccalaureate programs related to the Object of Rotary and the Mission of The Rotary Foundation area of focus.
      • Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
      • Disease Prevention and Treatment
      • Water and Sanitation
      • Maternal and Child Health
      • Basic Education and Literacy
      • Economic and Community Development
    • Global scholars are required to study in a country other than the USA.
    • Scholarship recipients may either be an international graduate student planning to study in District 5330 or may be a local student planning to do graduate studies somewhere else in the world, sponsored by District 5330.  The applicants field of study must fall under one of the areas of focus listed above.  Generally, applications are due the end of November.  Applications are reviewed and interviews conducted in the following months.  Candidates will be notified of their status by the end of March.  Students are expected to begin their course of study in the fall of the year in which the grant is awarded.

How to Apply for the D5330 Global Scholarship

    • The applicant must be nominated by a Rotary Club in District 5330 and will be interviewed by District Scholarship Committee.
    • The applicant should contact a Rotary Club in District 5330, and the Club will guide the applicant and submit the application to the District on their behalf.

For more information, please contact Rod Hendry District Scholarship Chair


Deadline for Global Scholarship Applications

    • November 30th for study beginning in the fall semester of the following year.
    • Applicants should contact a local Rotary club several months before the deadline in order to meet the criteria for the application.

Rotary Peace Fellows

    • Rotary Peace Fellowships are funded through TRF.
    • Rotary Centers for International Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, which are located in eight leading universities around the world, offer a master’s degree in international relations, sustainable development, peace studies and conflict resolutions, or a professional development certificate in peace and conflict studies.

How to Apply for the Rotary Peace Fellowship

    • Selection takes place at the club, district and world levels.
    • For more information contact a local Rotary club or the Rotary Peace Centers on the Rotary International web site.

Deadline for the Rotary Peace Fellowship

    • Applicants must be nominated by a Rotary Club and are encouraged to contact a local Rotary Club or District 5330 several months before the application deadline.
    • TRF must receive applications before July 1, one year ahead of the study opportunity.


District Scholarhip Committee Committee Members

Rod Hendry
Indian Wells
District Scholarship Chair
Dana Crosby
Rancho Mirage
Meegan Villa
Palm Desert


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